The Aberrant Files

Tired of Utopia, tired of the Terragen and the Aberrants? Do you want a normal life? Come to a school for Novas by Novas. We will help you realize your dream for a better tomorrow.

That is the moto of the Phoenix Foundation. It was founded by a very powerful Nova, Dead Boy, who was an ex-T2M member.. Dead Boy believed that there is indeed something wrong with Utopia, but he believed that the Aberrants and the Terragen are going about this the wrong way. He believed that he can set up a better future by training the current Nova's the right way. He hoped that by trusting a few other close friends, that he will be able to put together a fighting force able to withstand Team Tomorrow as well as the Terragen. So came into being a team by the name of DV8. DV8 is a team from the senior classes that is brought into the secret circle and told what the school is all about. Since the disappearance of Dead Boy, Rachel has been the leader of this team. It is her will to uphold what her missing husband had started.


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